[addiemanager 2023] great sacrifice! Zhu Zhixun directed "dog licking" for "The Detective"

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'Along with the Gods' Ji-seong Ju, 'Airplane' Shin-seung Park, a...

'Along with the Gods' Ji-seong Ju, 'Airplane' Shin-seung Park, and 'Wizard's Voice' Seong-geun Gwi's crime action classic 'Detective' will be released in Taiwan on Friday! 'Detective Hunt' depicts the story of Ji Hyeon-soo, the president of a loan company who pretends to be a prosecutor to get rid of his charges, and Kim Hye-jin, a madman between prosecutors. An exciting assassination plan to capture the rich and powerful villain Kwan Do-hun!

[addiemanager 2023] great sacrifice! Zhu Zhixun directed "dog licking" for "The Detective"

Joo Ji-hoon showed off an endless shower scene in this 'Detective'. The lean muscle line also drew attention. He also revealed his experience of losing 12kg for this work. He said, "I prepare in advance for this process. I don't scan my body thoroughly like a bath scene, but I really want to show off a body that is so attractive at a glance!" Also, in 'Detective' Joo Ji-hoon's activities, the appearance of his aunt on stage became a hot topic. It was dark and I couldn't see, so I knew my aunt was here and wanted to hug the audience. When I called the number written on the page, it turned out that it was my father.

Detective Team photo_Press 01_Joo Ji-hoon lost 12kg for the detective department shower scene! Who do you think is the prettiest when wet? .jpg

In the movie 'The Detective', Joo Ji-hoon plays the role of the president of a credit agency who pretends to be a prosecutor, and it is rumored that the cute sympathy with the 'genius puppy' also created the theme of the movie. Joo Ji-Hoon. -Hon used to say honorific words to his dog during filming, and he said, "The reason why I say honorific words to a dog is that when its age changes to human age, it's actually because it's older than us. I touched it with both hands. Give me a snack.. Because it's an old dog." . Now I can shoot comfortably!" Zhu Zhixun's hilarious speech made other players laugh as well. Ji-shun Ju said that to film the scene where she approaches the puppy, the staff had the puppy apply her treats to her face and not let the puppy lick her face, which made Soon nervous.

In the movie 'The Detective', Park Seong-woon played the role of a representative of a large law firm who was a prosecutor. Park Shin-seong, who often appears as a villain in movies and dramas, also thought he was a good fit for the villain role, and his wife, Shin Eun-joon, who is also an actor, confessed that he had mistaken him. It was inactive. I understand. He said, "In the six months of her marriage, when I was alone very quietly, her wife said, 'Are you mad at me?'

Park Shin-seong, who also graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, has recently become a hot topic on the Internet. In the photo, Park Shin-seong is wearing a white suit, blond hair, and sunglasses. . Park Shin-seung explained, "At the time, I was doing a play in Daehangno. The director asked me to dye my hair blonde because it was a Western drama, but it should have a Southeast Asian feel. Then I dyed it." head. ear piercing. It was a graduation photo shoot. , Even the photographer refused and asked me to wear sunglasses and shoot!" Park Shin-seung also admitted that he was a 'fashion terrorist'.

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